time is going by way too quickly. i haven’t really been posting because every day has been filled up to the brim, and even today i have hardly any time. so this is going to be a quick overview of the past 3 weeks. 

three weeks ago, nothing particularly exciting happened at first. i had fhe, made a new friend (sam bowen from england) and hunkered down for midterms. friday, however, i went on a boat tour on the seine with landon, shelly, tatum, linda, rachel, noelle, whitney, and krista. it was gorgeous. also really nice to orient myself a little bit more in the city after seeing where everything is in relation to the river. whitney and i also got two new temporary roommates – fifteen year old girls from england for 5 days. they were nice enough, but a little on the bratty side. it was nice to speak in english, though. 



the next day my group got to have a tour of the opera garnier. it was cool and gorgeous and i couldn’t get phantom of the opera out of my head. after that, ashley landon and i went to meet maddie’s brother, alex, who happened to be in paris and grabbed some crepes. you can never go wrong with the 5 euro crepes and a drink deal. sorry for the lack of pictures, my camera died early on in the tour!



the next day, whitney and i met linda, rachel, krista, shelly, and brayden in versailles to see the palace gardens. the fountains were going, the leaves were just barely changing colors, and it was just gorgeous. once we left and were walking back to the train station, it started pouring. and when i say pouring, i mean everyone (including the french) instantly ran for cover. we all were soaked to the bone, we probably looked like we had jumped in a pool with all of our clothes on. but, it was fun and funny and memorable, and an overall good day. 


the next week was mainly dominated by the uk trip (which i will cover in another post) but monday i was still able to do some fun stuff around paris. krista, alyssa r, tatum, whitney, shelly and i did the concorde walk out of our paris walks book. it was beautiful! all of us but shelly went to the musee de l’orangerie afterwards, which houses monet’s water lilies and other gorgeous paintings by him and other artists. i loved it. it might be my favorite museum after the musee d’orsay. krista and i went and “read” (talked) in the tuileries gardens afterwards and it was just lovely. fhe was a blast, and i saw turbo with tom, luz, melissa, nadine, and sam. it was actually so cute and i had a blast being with them. mondays never disappoint thanks to my wonderful ja/ysa friends. 



after my long travel weekend in the uk, things got real and i realized i had a lot to get done. somehow i still managed to procrastinate until the last possible second, but i think it’s understandable being in paris. fhe was amazing as always, morgan linda and i decided to join the decorating committee for the dance that’s happening on november ninth, and it was a great choice. that committee formed club google, with pedro, scott, sam, abish, grace, and a couple others. i laughed so hard i cried. and then i almost cried on the way home because i realized how soon i had to say bye to these amazing people… still am freaking out about that quite a bit. 



tuesday brought another fun adventure, a walk in the strange land of la defense with whitney and ashley. it’s the complete opposite of paris, huge shiny buildings and skyscrapers. i loved it. it was so unexpected and awesome. 


wednesday was uneventful, but thursday was a good day. it was halloween, but i basically pretended it wasn’t because not a lot goes on in paris for halloween. we did have art in the musee d’orsay, which i love, and i got to eat lunch by the seine with linda alex rachel and whitney, so i’d say it’s not too bad of a trade-off. after art, rachel whitney shelly linda and i made a trip to the american store to get some good old reese’s peanut butter cups (peanut butter does not exist here, it’s so weird) before heading to the movies to see gravity, which was surprisingly very good. it was so intense i could hardly breathe at points! and i love george clooney, so that’s always a plus. 

friday we went to the quai branly museum with our art class (basically the “other” category of art to the french, we mainly looked at african art.) it was cool, but we were all starving by the time class ended to rachel whitney linda landon and i headed to the crepe place and happened to run in to scott as well! after we went to shakespeare and company for quite some time, i could easily spend hours and hours in there. after that it was once again time for dinner at chez dupetit. 

saturday was amazing, linda and i did the montmartre walk and then explored the area and shopped a bit with rachel and whitney as well. it was a gorgeous day and such a cool part of the city. after that, whitney rachel and i met up with bree and ashley to see thor. it was a great movie, and the amorino’s gelato afterwards was even better. we ended the night with some antm at rachel and linda’s house, a solid saturday.


sunday was amazing. a super spiritual day. it was testimony meeting and i got to go to young women’s to cheer on alex and krista teaching. all of us girls bore our testimonies about missions and in general and it was perfect. the strength of the young girls here is amazing to me. i can’t wait to go on my mission. 

yesterday was pretty boring, just a lot of class and working on papers. fhe was wonderful, as always. i never will stop singing praises about it. we had a quick second club google meeting that again ended up with me in tears from laughing so hard. 

that brings us to today, which involves me procrastinating my paper and other various homework assignments and studying for finals. my time is quickly running out here, i only have 8 days left here in paris and 14 left in the program. heartbroken is a light way to put how i’m feeling. i love paris, but i will miss the people here even more. i can always come back to this city but i will never have the same experience i’ve had here again. that being said, i am so grateful every day for the chance i had to come here with the amazing people in my program and meet everyone here. you bet i’m going to make the most of the short time i have left, after i get this dang homework done. if only i could do study abroad without the whole studying part….


song of the day: paris – magic man


it’s been a while.

wow. i am getting to be a slacker on this whole blogging thing. but hey, at least i’ve gotten around to it. these past couple weeks have been insanely busy, and this week (midterms week) is going to be even worse, so i thought i might as well get to it now. (keep in mind this is a quick snapshot because it’s been so long)


not a lot happened, but it was fhe night and that was so much fun, as always. i can’t talk about the people there enough, i love them all. 


whitney and i went to a thrift store down the road from the church building after class. it was awesome. 




we had art history in the louvre, which is still amazing to me. our teacher is awesome, he is so entertaining and i feel proud to say i’m with him in the museum. after class, whitney, jared, linda, rachel and i went to the crepe place in the latin quarter (savory crepe + sweet crepe + drink = 5.50 euros) and ended up having an interesting adventure that involved us having to deal with a gift of alcohol and how to not offend the owners while at the same time not actually drinking it. it was hilarious. afterwards, we walked around the latin quarter, which is gorgeous. it was a fun day. 


10.3.2013 – 10.5.2013

aka NORMANDY. we got to go on a group trip to normandy. we started out with going to the canadian military cemetery (we couldn’t go the the american one because of the government shutdown, boooo) and then we headed to the d day museum and hung out at juno beach before heading over to the german military cemetery before our final stop in bayeux. (which was weird for me since i stayed at the same hotel with my family on our trip years before!) the next day, we saw the bayeux tapestry and the cathedral before heading over to mont saint michel, which we went to that day and then spent the next day there as well. overall, the trip was a lot of fun. 


4 years ago…





10.5.2013 cont.

that night after getting home, i went out for nuit blanche with some friends. we went in a huge fogged out plaza, saw a cool church, and just had a great time.



sunday was general conference, which was amazing as always. our program directors, the hodsons, let us come over to watch it AND fed us dinner (it was at 6pm paris time.) they are perfect i swear. conference is definitely one of my favorite things in the world. here’s a link if you want to listen to it or watch it: http://www.lds.org/general-conference/sessions/2013/10?lang=eng


fhe again. again way too great. afterwards, a bunch of us got crepes and then tom, luz, melissa, morgan and i (aka les homies) went to starbucks before tom, luz and i saw insidious chapter 2. holy cow that was scary, i was blasting music the entire metro ride home after that! but i love those two, they’re definitely two of my very best friends here.




not a very exciting day, besides the fact that i had an essay due at midnight which i had procrastinated until that day and we got to have history outside at the sites we were learning about. it was so. cool. i love everything about this study abroad. 


what a great day. it started out with linda, rachel, whitney and i making a trip to the catacombs (which was free with our arts cards, can’t get over that) and then heading over to the louvre for art history! we just barely made it in time because of some sort of police bust on the metro. afterwards, we went home to have dinner with our host family. speaking of which, whitney and i have an awesome new roommate, mioko (i don’t know how to spell it) from japan! it’s been a lot of fun having her. after that, i met morgan last minute in pigalle to see the head and the heart. we got there super late, but we got in for free and got to see them play 4 songs! it was so amazing, i can’t wait to see them again in december. we also made an australian friend who knew the drummer of band so we got to meet a lot of them! charity was so nice. afterwards he took us out to get coca lites because we can’t drink alcohol. it was such a good night. 



i started feeling sick thursday, which is so not okay. we had art history again, and then afterwards whitney, linda, rachel, ashton, victoria, landon and i went out to get bagels at this delicious place near the tuileries gardens. it was a lot of fun. afterwards, we headed home and i took a nap to try to help my sickness but it made it a little worse.. :/


friday started out as a lazy day, i was still feeling pretty sick and we slept in and then read for history. but that night, whitney and i were crazy bored so we dressed up and went to angelina’s, to the top of the arc de triomphe, and then out to dinner on the champs elysees. it was so much fun, and the view was breathtaking.



i was still feeling sick yesterday, but we went out anyways because i can’t stand just staying inside. we went to sainte-chapelle, which for some reason i had in my head wasn’t very cool, but i guess my young self didn’t know what i was looking at because it was amazing. the stained glass was breathtaking, and it was just so big! we also saw a nice couple that we had seen the night before at the arc de triomphe, so we talked to them for a little while, it was fun. after that, whitney and i stalled at the huge les halles mall before heading over to the bishop’s house to help his wife out for party prep for their daughter. it was the coolest party EVER. it was a halloween theme and so adorable. half of us helped with food and prep and the other half got to work in the spook alley. i got to dress up as a skeleton and jump out at people as they walked around in the already creepy basement (plus creepy music and decorations, it was a good spook alley!) noelle, alyssa, melanie and i probably had a little too much fun doing it. the food was great, too.



glad we got our halloween fix.


today i’m still feeling a little under the weather, but hopefully i get better soon because this week is going to suck. 2 midterms, a paper, and a book to read. i can do this. thank goodness today is the ysa church meeting, so hopefully i’ll be able to have a bit of fun to hold me over this week. i guess study abroad can’t be all fun all the time. still, i’m having the time of my life and i can’t believe how incredibly lucky i am.


song of the day: down in the valley – the head and the heart


i’m never leaving.

sorry i haven’t blogged, i have been way too busy to spend enough time blogging. and probably won’t from here on out, so i’m transitioning to once a week. probably a little less detail that way, but hey, it’s better than nothing. 

s u n d a y

sunday not a lot happened, but i made some new friends! brigham and daniel. they were nice enough to invite us over for lunch, it was lovely. 

m o n d a y

monday was wonderful. the day was crazy long, i was in french from 9 am to 1 pm, then in religion from 1:30 to 3:30, then art history from 3:30 to 6:30. then after that was fhe. it was a little crazy, but i love my art history teacher and i got to be with my friends all day, so i’m not complaining. fhe was awesome, as usual. i just can’t get enough of ja (youg single adults) here! 


after fhe, me, morgan, cicily, brigham, tom, pedro, luz, laura, jean-francois, melissa, melissa, and more all went to get crepes next to the pompidou! it was so much fun i couldn’t even take it. we all talked and had fun and then played the french equivalent of catchphrase! that was extremely terrifying and fun at the same time. pretty much i was beyond happy. 


afterwards, tom, luz, morgan, brigham and i went to go see le dernier pub. it was a hilarious movie and we all loved it! the only problem is afterwards the metro was about to stop running, and my line already had, so i had to crash at morgans. which was a little freaky because her host mom would not be ok with that, but i snuck in and snuck out succesfully. but after being up until about 2am and getting up at 7am the next morning, i was a little tired, but it was beyond worth it.

t u e s d a y

tuesday wasn’t crazy exciting, i had french and history and then dinner with my host family then studied like crazy for my french final! i mean it was great because i was in paris, but not a lot was happening.

w e d n e s d a y

what a wonderful day! it was so nice to get my french final out of the way, and then linda, rachel, melanie, whitney, shelly, noelle and i went to carrefour to get food and ate lunch at the champ de mars. random french guys came and took a picture with us and showed us a pigeon they caught haha it was great. 


afterwards, linda, shelly, whitney and i went and got gelato at amorino’s and then went to the place des vosges and just had a good chat. i love love love the place des vosges and i am so happy i’m here for long enough that i can do things like that! after a couple hours brigham came and met me there and we looked around at the art in the marais area, which is amazing. 

t h u r s d a y

thursday was also a blast, we got our tests back and i got an a+, yay for french! i still have the thickest accent, but hey i can understand everyone and communicate so i’m fine. after french, i went and got kebabs with morgan and cicily and we ate at the church until everyone left me for art history section 1! so i went and met brigham at the louvre and we wandered around for a while and then walked around the area and talked. we ran into landon, ashton, and victoria outside of a fashion show in tuileries (oh yeah, it’s FASHION WEEK here right now) and just had a good time. 


f r i d a y

okay i know this is getting old but friday was also so fun. i’ve decided that it’s next to impossible to have a bad day here. friday was extra special though because it was the one month mark! i honestly couldn’t even believe it. it felt like a week! time is going way way too fast. it was also the last day of french, which was so sad, but we had a class party and watched a movie so it was nice! i am going to miss bahia and l’etoile so much. i’m convinced that to learn a language the teacher has to speak solely in the language you’re trying to learn now. 


afterwards we all took some pictures before heading over to the park to eat lunch before art history section 2! (my section.)


the cat class.


art history was awesome, i LOVE my teacher. we went to the cluny, which i went to earlier but i thought it was beyond boring. but with bernie there explaining everything to us, it was all of the sudden the most interesting thing in the world! i’m so excited for the rest of the class and to go to museums that i already like! after art history whitney and i went home and then i went back out and went to hang out and then see a movie with brigham, tom, and luz. i love being in paris at night, it’s a whole different world. and luckily, the metro runs until 2am on fridays and saturdays, so i could sleep in my own bed!

s a t u r d a y

saturday was the first day in the entire month we’d been here that whitney and i slept past 8. and man, did we sleep in. we got up around 11:30 and then went to this super cute park near our apartment to get some reading done. we also went over to the monoprix to get groceries. monoprix is the equivalent of target in france, but a million times better. i’m obsessed. after walking home, we showered and got ready for the institute kickoff. we were in no way prepared for the night. at first there was a fireside, which lasted a ridiculous amount of time, two hours. so not okay. but then they fed us, so i wasn’t complaining. after that was the dance. and oh, did we dance. at first i was a little concerned about it, it was crazy hot, in the chapel, with pretty much all the lights on. but no, it was beyond fun. they played all kinds of music, oldies, grease, salsa, ballroom, line, pop, techno, french, american, (a lot of american), etc etc. and holy cow can the french dance! i did not know what dances were until now. also, landon and daniel are literally the best dancers i have ever come across. it was ridiculous. 


daniel goin’ at it.


yeah my hair ended up going up because it was way too hot. basically it was the best night of my life. and i danced ballroom with tom, and he made it easy for me, which if you know me, that’s a pretty big deal. so he’s also amazing. afterwards, linda, rachel, morgan, cicily, whitney, grace, pierre and i went to macdo before heading home for the night. we got home around 2am. i couldn’t sleep for a half hour afterwards, though, because i was still so wound up from the day!

s u n d a y

today whitney and i were planning on getting to church at 9 am to sing in the ward choir, but it was a struggle just to make it to church at 9:30. but at least we made it, and church was great as always. we went home after to eat and take a quick nap before heading back to the church building for the ces broadcast. it was so weird to have the speakers be dubbed over in french! after the broadcast we all ate and talked. whitney and i were actually the only byu kids there, but it was still so fun. we talked to kiandra and melissa and tom and we met tom’s friend emmanuel, who said he’ll be our “privaht geede” (private guide) when we come to nimes in november haha. we also talked to nadine, french melissa, and their friend for a while. all in french, too! nadine told me that i look like kiera knightley, i guess i’ll hear that no matter where i go! once again, i just love the ja. the church is so strong here. there may not be a lot of members, but the members are amazing. i can’t get over it. it’s also so cool to communicate with everyone that’s so different from me! i don’t think i can stop smiling.

so that was my week! honestly, i wouldn’t mind never going home. i love everyone and everything here. time has gone by so fast, and i’m already sad about leaving! i never want this to end. i’m completely in love with my life. never been happier.


song of the day: don’t wanna miss a thing – aerosmith (tom’s favorite)


some days, i honestly don’t think things could go any better. this was one of those days. 


it started out getting up at 6:30 am so that we could figure everything out and get ready in time to leave by 7:30 to meet everyone at the train station. not so fun. we met in front of this huge ugly tower in montparnasse and hopped on the train to chartres.


we met up with our tour guide around 10:30 outside of the cathedral. he was a funny, cranky old british guy, named malcolm miller, and his tour was fascinating. i wish that i had someone to explain every little detail to me all the time! 


afterwards a few of us went into the town to get some lunch! i had some super yummy and equally pretty hot chocolate, too. i’m a little obsessed with it here. 


next alyssa and i headed back to the cathedral to check out more of the inside and to look at the gardens! it was all gorgeous. i remember coming here with my family a few years back, but it was pouring down rain and i was nowhere near as appreciative of what i was seeing as i am now. 


the best part of the day was going up the bell tower. 300 steps was beyond worth the amazing view. i loved everything about it! and, for some reason, we got to go for free with our arts cards, so it just made it that much better. 


it was so fun!! afterwards, alyssa and i explored the town a little bit and got cute matching vintage bags and crepes before hopping on the bus and heading back to paris. which was a little weird because of the woman with a cage of rats and a ferret sitting by us, but still, what a perfect day. 


after we got home, whitney and i went grocery shopping to get a few things, and then came home and made a PIZZA. it was a big moment for us, seeing as we had no idea how to work the old french oven, but we didn’t burn anything! we had candy and oreos while i skyped family and she worked on her project. life is perfect. 


song of the day: c’mon c’mon – one direction

sick in paris.

it’s official, I got sick. yeah it’s just a small cold, but it was still enough for me to miss french today to stay in bed and hope that I’ll be better by our trip to chartres tomorrow.
yesterday was a good day, though. I woke up feeling a little bit sick but I powered through and went to my 4 hour french class anyways. during class, the chilean woman, marcia, gave us all candy and chilean flags for the 18th of september, chilean independence day!

it was so cute. and it made me that much more excited to go to chile!
after class, I went home and slept to try to catch my cold before it got to me. after I woke up, I went to the hodson’s for dessert night, which was so much fun! I love my study abroad group, including the hodson family. I also bought my ticket to go to disneyland next week! if you know me, you know how insanely excited I am. but being tired and slightly out of it, I accidentally bought my ticket for the wrong day, so I’m changing it in a few minutes. but still, I can’t even wait to go to my favorite place on earth in my favorite city!! here’s to hoping I get better soon.

song of the day: hurricane – msmr (chvrches remix)


today was again a rainy day like most days. but I love it.

after french, a few of us hurried over to the hodson’s so alyssa and I could scan our letters of acceptance to our bishops. after that… we went to CHIPOTLE.

I know, I’m in france eating american food, you can be angry, but it was DELICIOUS and I don’t regret a single bite (or euro.)
after chipotle, we split up and whitney and I headed to the louvre for a couple hours. I love it so much, I can’t wait to go back with my art history teacher! and the best part – we got in for free with our cards! I’ll never get over that!




all in all, it was a good day.

song of the day: next year – two door cinema club

playing catch-up.

so for any of you (that is not my mom 🙂 ) that read this, i apologize for being so bad about keeping up with what i’m doing! all of the sudden my life got busy and my mission call has also been a bit of a distraction… so here is what’s been happening the past 4 days!


on thursday, whitney and i met up with linda and rachel to go do our site visits for the history class. they were all in the marais, my favorite part of paris! after our site visits we walked around and had amazing falafels in the jewish quarter, i relived some old memories from paris 2010: hansen family edition, and ended with DELICIOUS amorinos. it was a good day 🙂



friday i didn’t do a lot because i wasn’t feeling very good (curse you acid reflux!) but i did go to the sacre coeur with whitney shelly and krista before i went home and took a nap and then later that night introduced whitney to one of my favorite movies, moulin rouge! so that she knew why krista and i kept singing elephant love medley. 




on saturday, whitney and i went and did the flea market walk! it was so cool. definitely different from the rest of paris, but i loved seeing all the antiques and going off the beaten path a little bit! after that, we went to the champs-elysees to meet up with linda and rachel to see the one direction movie! haha i never thought i would be doing that, but it was so good and actually made me a little homesick! first time since i’ve been here. after that, whitney and i went home and gathered up our stuff and went to rachel and linda’s to.. HAVE A SLEEPOVER. it was so fun haha we watched america’s next top model, talked, and all fell asleep on the couch. it was like a little bit of america, except we could see the eiffel tower sparkling out the window. 



sunday morning was the huge stake conference with dallin h. oaks! we all woke up at 8 when we wanted to leave at 7:45, but we all hurried and left to go anyways. we got there and ran into a bunch of other people heading to stake conference! no one knew exactly where we were headed, and we were all running late and were a little stressed, but it was so much fun. i honestly felt like we were pioneers the whole time because we walked a ton before finally making it to stake conference! it was amazing though, i loved hearing from elder oaks. after stake conference, we explored the town, which was beautiful! the streets were adorable, there was an amazing chateau, and the gardens were breathtaking. we all want to go back sometime! after exploring and eating, whitney and i went home and changed and then went to the hodson’s to watch alyssa open her mission call! cuernavaca mexico! another spanish speaking hermana, i am so excited for her. 🙂



monday & tuesday. 

these past couple days haven’t been nearly as exciting, but i’m in paris so they’ve still been awesome. yesterday i stayed at the church building after religion to do my history reading (we took a break to get macaroons 🙂 ) and then went to fhe! fhe is possibly my favorite time of the week, it’s always so good and i love talking to all of the people there. and i can understand about 90% of what everyone’s saying, so the language barrier isn’t so bad! (until it comes time for me to speak..) then today i headed home after history to get stuff done, like posting this right now! the cool thing though is that before history we got to see the new missionaries all arrive! alyssa and i were practically jumping up and down, it was so exciting to see them all get here and think about what it’ll be like when we’re in their position!

anyways, hopefully from now on i’ll actually keep up with all of this. i love being here, and i can’t believe that i’m almost halfway through my 3rd week out of 11 already! this is going by way too fast, slow down a little bit please!


song of the day: come what may – moulin rouge! 

called to serve.

so, today i did a lot of things, but it is not at all what is exciting to me right now. 

today, i got my mission call.

let me tell the story.

so, i was just sitting in french and i looked at my phone to check the time and chris had texted me telling me that he had my call!! i immediately freaked out and from that point on i couldn’t focus for the rest of the day. we went to the holocaust memorial and notre dame and then i had to head home because i wasn’t as focused as i wanted to be. i came home and tried to take a nap, but that wasn’t happening. after dinner, we headed over to the hodson’s apartment (they’re awesome) to open my call. krista, shelly, tatum, alyssa r, whitney, and the hodsons were there. (alyssa c and melanie came later.)  i skyped my mom, dad, brother, sister, and grandma egan and put tori missy and kat on speaker and read my call. 


i’m going to CHILE! i report january 29th to the chile mtc. i started crying before i even read my call. and of course i accidentally read where i was going before i got there! i couldn’t be happier, i know this is where i am supposed to serve. 



this also has even more meaning to my family! my mom studied abroad in chile, she was in vina del mar for part of it! also, my parents just got back from a trip to chile for my dad’s work, and it included going to vina del mar. my mom was so happy she was bawling! i can’t even wait. ImageImage

after opening my call, we walked over to watch the eiffel tower sparkle and talked for a while. it was perfect. i am so happy. i have such a strong testimony of this gospel and i can’t wait to share it with others. 


also – if you want to see me read my call and have a mild freak out, you can watch me here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whZcCu9-CbM


song of the day: called to serve – hymn

we’ve got a whole lot of walking to do.

school? what’s that? i really don’t feel like i’m going to school here. every class i’m taking is related, and i love it. it makes things so much more interesting and i actually look forward to going to class. bahia (my french teacher) is crazy, but amazing, i learn so much from her. chris is great, i laugh a ton in his class and i actually feel like i’ll remember french history this time around. and christian (can’t remember his last name at the moment.. oops) will be perfect, i know it. so i’m happy.

today, besides religion and french, alyssa, whitney, krista, shelly, melanie and i went on one of our walks for our paris walks class. it was a scent themed walk, and even though i wasn’t feeling very good today, it was awesome. 


we started with walking by a flower market outside of the madeline. it was beautiful and i loved it, but i won’t lie, pikes place flowers are still my favorite. 


then we actually went up to/inside of the madeline. i actually loved it. it was a good medium sized church and had the prettiest gold accents. i can’t believe i chose not to come here before with my dad.


after the madeline we walked over to laduree, where the macaroon was invented. ironically enough, they’re only the third best macaroons in paris. but holy cow, their macaroons were delicious. i don’t like macaroons in the u.s., but here, i can’t get enough. 


then we walked over to the perfume museum. it was honestly a little hard to breathe in there, but still so cool! i really like the adventures our little walk book takes us on. i would never have found or thought of this place without it!

after that we stopped by sephora and then headed back to our apartments. dinner tonight was strangely uncomfortable.. whitney and i cracked up about it after we got back to our rooms. madame dupetit’s son was there, and for some reason it just made everything a little off. also whitney put salad on her plate first, which made mme dupetit, amelie, and benoit completely freak out, but it was all fine.

what i’m sad about is the italian girls are leaving us on thursday or friday! 😦 it’s been so fun having them here, and i really don’t know what it will be like without them. hopefully things will still go well… anyways, everyone please send prayers and good luck my way so that my mission call comes in the mail tomorrow! i’m so excited to see where i’m called to serve. a bientot!


song of the day: yellow – coldplay

il pleut.

today, it rained. it rained hard.

not the best picture, I know, but none of us really expected that much rain and we were all soaked. I’m not going to lie, it was fun, but I did not like being that wet!!
our french class doubled in size for some reason, which i’m actually bummed about. it’s not as personal anymore and not as much fun. but it’s still awesome because i learn so much every day! we had our first day of religion today, it was really good! I like our teacher. after class whitney and I went grocery shopping… for the first time. whoops. its been easy to get by without groceries because we’ve been fed so much, but it’s hit that point. plus I needed an umbrella! it was fun though, we got some yummy food 🙂

that’s us in the reflection if you can’t tell. after groceries we did homework until fhe! I love fhe. it’s in french, so last week was a little intimidating, but now that I’m more used to the language I love it. and I love how we all work together to understand each other. and, afterwards, the senior missionaries feed us dinner and we all talk, which is also amazing! I love just socializing with people from so many different backgrounds. in half french half english, too! the spirit is always so strong. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the semester goes!

song of the day: next year – two door cinema club